Ways To Drive Ticket Sales For Your Event

Ways To Drive Ticket Sales For Your Event

Events are a great way to directly engage & interact with your target audience in a deeper way that leaves a lasting impact and memorable moments.

The goal of event organizers is to make sure that the tickets are sold out. It’s the most tasking and stressful stage of the event planning.

This is where the event organizers should bring their marketing, promotion and storytelling techniques to play or alternatively hire somebody skilled in the aforementioned areas.

So you have planned every bit of the event; Topic, day, time, venue, theme, speakers etc. but you only have a rough idea on how to actually get people to spend their money in able to attend your event. How do you guarantee that the event tickets are sold out?

Here are the 12 promotion tips to sell out your Event:
  1. Choose a Topic that answers to people’s needs in different dimensions. Let the topic you choose for your event answer the hows, the whats and the Whys.
  2. Make your registration forms or ticket purchase process simple and easy. Many people back out at this stage if they find that your registration process is complex. You definitely don’t want this to happen, make the process quick and easy.
  3. Leverage on the inherent power of Social Media – This is by boosting your event posters across all your social media accounts to better reach more people. Also write creative engaging posts and share them across all social media platforms on a daily basis that are in relation to your event’s topic.
  4. Promote your event on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a great platform to connect with the professionals in your industry who can be able to attend the event. Take the opportunity of advertising your event to more than a hundred professionals within your industry on LinkedIn.
  5. Explore Influencer Marketing – influencers are people with huge following in their social accounts that actually inspires, motivates and influence their following in their respective niche. In as such, a post on their social accounts can get you 5-10 people or even more attend your event.
  6. Make use of your email List – Have you ever held events before? do you have your previous attendees email list? well the email list is a goldmine, if you haven’t grown one yet, you need to start growing your email list by having all your attendees register with their emails. Write emails to your previous attendees encouraging them to attend your event. The email should highlight why the event is important and how they’ll benefit from it should they choose to attend. send emails on a weekly basis tackling highlights of different sub-topics of the event’s topic.
  7. Advertise on events platforms like Eventbrite, All Events etc. These platforms are mostly effective because people who visits these sites are checking if there’s an interesting event to attend based on the topic they are in need of.
  8. make use of your event’s Sponsors. Sponsors would want to see the event well attended so that their product/brand maybe seen for the purpose of increasing awareness and driving sales. In as such they’ll help in marketing the event in their social platforms if they are called upon. Provide them with necessary marketing materials to better promote your event e.g posters, website landing page, badges for their website etc.
  9. Get your speakers to share about the event in their social platforms, email list, WhatsApp broadcast and through word of mouth. Speakers have established loyal following who can be potential attendees, thus you are sure of getting some people to attend the event from their platforms or word of mouth.
  10. Give a group discount. Let’s say, “bring two friends and get a 5/10% discount. This will motivate potential attendees to share with their friends in order to get the discount. Group discounts drive ticket sales real fast. Explore this tip.
  11. Create good media savvy content that tell the stories about your event well. Good content attracts high engagement and as such people will get to know about your event real quick and definitely purchase the tickets. the content should also incoperate your testimonials from your previous attendees.
  12. Write a press release and publish in various media outlets e.g newspapers, magazines, and influential blogs. A press release is a great professional way to better reach your target market. It should comprise of; a summary info of what the event is about, where people can register or purchase the tickets and also who the speakers are.

Remember growth is seeing a gradual increase of attendees in your events.

Apply the above tactics and you’ll have your tickets sold out every time you organise an event.

NB: Remember to always mention your upcoming event at your current event when people are busy networking and having some good time.

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