Child Abuse Prevention Digital Advocacy Day, 27th April 2022

Child Abuse Prevention Digital Advocacy Day, 27th April 2022

Digital Advocacy Day for Child Abuse Prevention will be held on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. This is a special day when people all over the world use the internet to make their pleas for services to help prevent child abuse and strengthen families.

Child Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital AdvocacyThe epidemic of Covid-19 provided a “perfect storm” for child abuse. Children were allegedly harmed after stay-at-home orders were implemented at the start of the pandemic, according to different media sources. In addition, many parents and caregivers faced tremendous difficulties. For many parents, increased mental health concerns, unemployment or lower pay, housing and food instability, and increased mental health issues added to the stress of raising children.

Child abuse and neglect have far-reaching consequences. Early childhood abuse, for example, can cause toxic stress, which can disrupt brain development and increase the likelihood of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as learning, attention, and memory problems as seen here. Child maltreatment has a significant influence on our healthcare, education, and judicial systems. As a result, everyone of us must raise awareness, share information about remedies, lobby for expanded and improved programs and legislation, and develop a global network dedicated to preventing child abuse.

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The usage of social media is one of the most effective ways to prevent child abuse and neglect. In current society, the importance of digital communication cannot be overstated. Politics, business, world culture, education, careers, innovation, and more are all influenced by social media. That is why, on this Digital Advocacy Day, we invite you to harness the power of digital communication—email, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram—to persuade our governments and key stakeholders to contribute to community solutions. We can create a more fair, healthy, and economically prosperous nation if we work together to assist all children attain their full potential and establish
communities and a world where every child may thrive.

Child Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital AdvocacyHowever, preventing child abuse is everyone’s responsibility, and increasing awareness should not be left to the government or donors alone. Corporates must also play a role by providing financial support for policies and initiatives that help children, families, and communities thrive. Children must be protected, and the business community must work together to help them grow into strong and healthy contributing members of our society.

Forever 254, an apparels store in Kenya, is one such company that has stepped forward to lead a charity partnership campaign to provide clothing & substantial amount for the St Jerome Children’s Centre in Nakuru. They’ve done so by donating garments and providing cash support from their company’s profits. Caroline Muguku, the Store’s Director says, ” At Forever254, the goal of our approach to corporate social responsibility is to contribute to the long-term growth of society by implementing our Corporate Philosophy. We have strengthened our CSR initiatives in these uncertain times and are determined to work towards giving back to society. We are a corporation that anticipates and generates change, not one that reacts to it. We put a premium on creating joy and ensuring the safety of children. As a result, we are committed to supporting children and their families in order to eradicate child abuse.”

We encourage you to extend your digital outreach to your family, friends, and associates on this Digital Advocacy Day to encourage them to join the effort to safeguard all children and build all families. Please join St Jerome Centre and Eminence Global for the Child Abuse
Prevention Digital Advocacy Day Event on Wednesday, April 27th, LIVE on Twitter Space.
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The keynote speakers will be;

1. Dr. Ezekiel Mutua – CEO, MCSK
2. Adam Seargent – CEO, WAMA
3. Caroline Muguku – Director, Waterfront Karen & Forever254
4. Evelyne Kasina – Online Safety Consultant for Google, Facebook & Tiktok
5. Lilian Muriuki – Watoto watch
6. Gemma Mackinnon – Director, St. Jerome’s Center
7. Carldonald Maghanga – Manager St. Jerome’s Centre

Child Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital Advocacy

Others are:
A representative from Directorate of Criminal Investigations(DCI) Kenya
A representative from Childline Kenya

Extend your digital outreach to your family, friends, and associates to inspire them to join the effort to protect all children and strengthen all families.
Include the hashtags #ChildAbusePreventionMonth #ThrivingFamilies #TusikizeTutunze
#WeAreTheFuture #MbogiYaMoro to keep the conversation going

‘Tusikize, Tutunze…..Sisi Ndio Mbogi ya Moro’
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Child Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital AdvocacyChild Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital AdvocacyChild Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital AdvocacyChild Abuse Prevention, Digital parenting, Digital Advocacy